GULF COAST MECHANICAL SALES, INC. is a full-service licensed mechanical contractor serving the Central Florida and surrounding areas.Having exceptional technical experience and a dedicated work ethic sets GULF COAST MECHANICAL SALES, INC. apart from other cooling tower repair companies. Our crew takes pride in the work we do, focusing on the tasks at hand. Once your project is completed, our pride in a job well done will shine through.


As a licensed mechanical contractor in Florida, Gulf Coast Mechanical Sales, Inc. can provide the following services:

Cooling Tower Inspections

Preventative & Routine Maintenance Programs

Mechanical & Structural Repair Services

Lubrication Services

Gear box Lubrication Services

Thermal Performance Testing

Thermal Upgrades

Fill/Drift Eliminator Replacement

Belt Adjustment and/or Replacement

Engineering Services

Motor and Mechanical Equipment Replacement

Fan Replacement

Driveshaft Yokes

Gear Box Replacement including Marley Geareducers

Nozzle Replacement

Cleaning and Coating

Alignment & Balancing

Maintenance Plans


Vibration Analysis

Oil Analysis

Handrail Repair & Replacement

Maintenance Platforms & Accessories

To contact us, please use our contact page, call us at (727) 834-8887, or send an email to our Service Dept.