GULF COAST MECHANICAL SALES, INC. is a full-service licensed mechanical contractor serving the Central Florida and surrounding areas.


As a licensed Mechanical Contractor in the state of Florida, the following is a brief list of the services that GCMS is proud to offer: cooling tower inspections, preventative maintenance programs, fill and drift eliminator replacements, fan, gearbox, and motor replacements, driveshaft and yoke replacements, cleaning, coating, and complete turnkey rebuilding of all makes and models of cooling towers and fluid coolers.

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MC License No. CMC1250321

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New replacement right angle gear drives for cooling towers. Direct replacement of most gear drives including drop in replacements for Marley Geareducers. Can replace gear drives in most manufacturer's cooling towers with an exact replacement as originally furnished with the cooling tower. Amarillo Gear Box Parts, compositie drive shafts for most cooling tower models are available in most cases.

Website: Amarillo Gear Company


Cooling tower fill media for crossflow and counterflow designs. PVC film fill, splash fill meda, drift eliminaotrs, inlet louvers, fill supports, and nozzles. Products are applicable to all cooling towers regardless of manufacturer.

Website:  Brentwood Industries


Eaton's H-Max series VFD is the next generation of drives specifically engineered for HVAC, pump, and fluid control applications. Installation, start-up, and maintenance are world class with a combination of ultra-efficient power section and programmable main control board.

Website:  Eaton


High efficient - all aluminum heavy duty axial fans for cooling tower use, ultra-low noise cooling tower fans. Ideal and easy to install to replace existing, obsolete, or inefficient cooling tower fans, can also be used in new installations.

Website:  Moore Fans


Lakos centrifugal separators and sand media filters for use in existing HVAC cooling systems with cooling towers or plate heat exchangers. Lakos offers a wide variety of filtration solutions for HVA and many other water filtraion applications. GCMS can furnish and instal Lakos products and accessories in your existing system. Call to start benefiting from reduced maintenance and increased performance.
Website:  Lakos


Spring vibration isolators for hanging and floor mounted equipment and pipes, neoprene isolation pads, inertia bases for pumps and compressors, flexible pipe connectors, and roof mounted isolation.

Website:  Vibration Eliminator


Packaged electronic probe type water level control systems for cooling towers. System includes a sensor unit with wire, mounting bracket, probes, and control panel. Optional items include audible alarms, dual probe sensors, and external static pipe. Functions include make-up only as standard with options for high level alarm, low level alarm, and low water cut-off. Make-up function requires a slow closing solenoid valve (furnished by others).

Website:  Waterline Controls